Internet Marketing Tips: How To Write A Blog Post

Internet Marketing Tips: How To Write A Blog Post:

write1A blank page can be a daunting prospect to a lot of internet marketers. You want to write a blog post but you don’t know where to begin – you don’t know how to start that first paragraph and you’ve developed ‘writers block’ again.

Listen, we’ve all been there – I know I have. Many times in fact. And the more you stare at the page, the harder it becomes to get started, right? So what’s the solution?

Well, let’s begin with the basics first shall we? Before we look at how to write a blog post, let’s quickly look at what your blog post is trying to achieve…

A blog serves many different purposes:

  • It builds your authority status quickly
  • It allows you to create relationships with your readers
  • It positions you within your marketplace
  • It enables you to promote your products
  • It allows you to communicate effectively
  • It provides a way of growing your contacts

All of these points are equally important and when you write a blog post you need to address each of them wherever possible. But you’re only going to be able to communicate effectively with your readers if you create the content in the first place of course.

So these are my internet marketing tips on how to write a blog post:

1.  Start with the title:

I begin by deciding on the topic and the specific title first. This sets the tone for everything else and it’s an important element to get right. It needs to be attention-grabbing while also accurately describing what the blog post is all about.

2.  Next sketch out the content:

I then briefly map out the bullet points and any other content I want to talk about on the page, initially in no particular order.

Once I’ve got all the bullet points listed, I then rearrange them into a more logical order that I can use to format the main body of my blog post. Now, if you do this properly, you’ll find that the actual writing of the post itself is then as simple as just joining up these points in a chatty, relaxed style and fleshing them out a bit to create the finished product.

Depending on how relaxed and chatty you want to be, an alternative that some people prefer is to just scribble all your thoughts onto the page to create a long-winded and unstructured script. Then go back and edit it, removing bits, adding sections and changing the phraseology and grammar if necessary.

If this is the style you prefer, avoid the temptation to keep going back and editing it as you go though. Ignore any spelling and grammatical errors at this stage. Leave those sorts of corrections to the end and you’ll find that the whole post will flow better and seem more natural as a result.

Which of these methods you use to write a blog post is just down to your own preference of course.

3.  Finally, add your opening and closing paragraphs:

The purpose of your opening paragraph is to grab the reader’s attention so that they end up wanting to read the rest of the blog post. And the idea of the closing paragraph is to round off your writing neatly and recap on the points you’ve already mentioned if you feel this is necessary. Of course, the specifics of how to write a blog post and then format it can be changed to suit your particular writing style and personality as you grow more confident.

Neither of these sections should be particularly wordy. In fact I find that the shorter and more to the point they are, the better sometimes – there’s a greater chance of getting your point across without appearing to waffle.

4.  … And relax:

Once you’ve got into the swing of it, exactly how to write a blog post will quickly become second nature to you. Don’t get hung up about it. After all, you’re only typing your thoughts on a page. The worst that can happen is that you need to delete it all and start again.

And that’s all part of the wonderful learning process that is internet marketing of course!

Start A Business Online

Start A Business Online:

Learn How to Start an Online BusinessWhen you decide to start a business online, there are 101 things you need to think about. Everything from the specific niche you want to operate in, to the type of products you want to promote, the technicalities of learning how to build a website and then how to drive targeted traffic to it, how to then grow your business to the size you want… and so on.

I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

But deciding to start a business online is very different to actually doing it of course. There are all sorts of hurdles to overcome first and it’s all too easy to delay actually starting until you have all the ‘I’s’ dotted and the ‘T’s’ crossed so to speak. And that day sometimes never comes.

In my rush to start a business online all those years ago, I tried to cut a few corners when it came to adding content to my new website… with disastrous results! I learnt from that one experience alone that if you buy a reputable ‘How-To-Do-It’ product on internet marketing, the best thing to do is put into practice what you’ve been taught, not try and adapt it because you think you know better! I learnt from my mistakes and I want you to avoid having the same problems.

This short video explains why it’s so important to put into practice exactly what you are taught when you decide to start an online venture, without trying to cut corners or improve a system that has already been shown to work.

I’m speaking from experience here and show you just how easy it is to make these mistakes when you first start out. Enthusiasm is a great trait to have, but it can sometimes lead you in the wrong direction if you’re not careful. Have a quick look at the video and make sure you don’t fall into the same trap I did with my first internet marketing website:

Internet Marketing Is Just Like Baking A Cake

Internet Marketing Is Just Like Baking A Cake:

I did something this weekend that I’ve never done before. Something that amazed me…

Yes… I baked a cake! My first one ever. And it was surprisingly good too, even if I say so myself. I proudly put it on the kitchen table and rather timidly suggested Jackie and the girls might want to sample it.

I half expected them to run straight to the waste bin and spit it back out in disgust… But no. All was well. I passed. I’m now a cook it seems, elevated to a whole new status in a family full of women, all of whom can cook very well (yes, even Poppy the dog’s a girl).

Why am I telling you this?

Listen, I’ve never cooked anything in my life. I’m not proud of that but I’ve never needed to. Always had my mother, then Jackie on hand to do it for me I suppose, while I got on with manly tasks like mowing the lawn and building things. The sort of stuff that makes you dirty. That’s what real men do, isn’t it?


Not anymore. I’m officially one of ‘them’ now… I can cook! And the important point to all of this is the sense of achievement it gave me. I honestly thought I’d fail. I never considered myself as the sort of person that had the patience or the willpower to spend Sunday afternoon baking a cake… but I got the recipe book out, knuckled down and got on with it, following the instructions to the letter. I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it.

And that’s all it took. The ability to follow instructions… a simple recipe in other words. And you can do exactly the same when it comes to setting up your new internet marketing business, or expanding your existing one for that matter. If you get hold of the right blueprint, the right recipe in other words, and follow it to the letter, you WILL succeed.

Internet marketing is all about joining the dots. Following a set sequence in a set order and writing engaging content that resonates with your readers. It’s not rocket science. It really is as simple as ‘A-B-C’.

The people that make a mess of it and don’t succeed, fall into one of 3 camps:

  • Those that bought the wrong system in the first place
  • Those that bought the right system but didn’t follow it properly
  • Those that didn’t buy a system at all because they thought they knew it all.

It’s as simple as that. If you can bake a cake, you can build a website; And you can drive traffic to that website; And you can make money from that website; And you can then build another one and start the process all over again, making more profit each time. That’s really all internet marketing is… It’s that straight forward.

Have a bit of faith in your own ability. You’ll be surprised what you can achieve and the sense of fulfilment you get at the end of it will leave you wanting to do it all over again.

On the subject of getting the right system, I’ve found the ‘Internet Business Start Up Kit’ to be the best I’ve ever come across if you are just starting out in internet marketing: Click Here To Read More

I’ve got my own copy and find it invaluable. It takes you by the hand and shows you EVERYTHING you need to know to set up your internet marketing business from scratch so that you can start making money quickly online… even if you don’t have a clue what to do at the moment.

Are You New To Internet Marketing?

Are You New To Internet Marketing? – If So, This Is For You…

Internet marketing is a great business to be part of. But many people are put off the idea of getting started for a variety of different reasons:

  • They don’t know where to begin
  • They feel out of their depth technically
  • They haven’t got the time
  • They don’t know how to find a product to promote
  • They’re worried about driving traffic to their website
  • They can’t work out what niche to go into
  • They don’t know how to create a website
  • Or what specific approach to adopt

Internet-marketing-adviceThe problem is that these thoughts mount up and mean that you never get started. But the important point to remember is that all of these issues can be overcome if you get your hands on the right ‘how-to-do-it’ internet marketing information at the outset. If you can find someone who will show youEXACTLY what to do in other words.

Now, I’ve looked at loads of different ‘how-to-do-it’ internet marketing products over the years aimed at beginners, and most of them fall short in some important way or other. Often this is something as straightforward as just not explaining what needs to be done in a sufficiently systematic and ‘join-the-dots’ sort of way, leaving you high and dry at a vital point in the process.

So you give up and decide it’s all too complicated. And that’s a shame… a real shame, because internet marketing really isn’t that difficult at all once you know what you’re doing.

Now, of all the various online business instruction manuals and products that I’ve bought and examined over the years, one stood out head and shoulders above the rest.

So I thought you might like to discover a bit more about it – what it really offers and just as importantly, where it falls short and fails to deliver too so you can decide whether it’s the best product for you if you’re just getting started in internet marketing.

So here goes…

The product I’m talking about is The Beginner To Profit System by Neil Travers and Neil Stafford of KTS Publishing Direct. And I’ll give you my ‘warts and all’ review of what I really think of it. Both the good and the bad points in other words (no, it’s not perfect I’m afraid – but then nothing is!)

NOTE: This is a review only… if you’re looking for the official Beginner To Profit System website then click here: Beginner To Profit System Website

Now, the Beginner To Profit System adopts a ‘back-to-basics’ approach that claims to take you by the hand and show you everything you need to do to get your first website up and running and making money quickly.


You are given access to a password-protected members area that includes all the various training modules that you can examine at your own pace – and it assumes that you know nothing at all about the online business or building and promoting a website… So it covers everything from your initial research, to registering the most appropriate domain name (this bit’s vitally important to get right), to creating your website, producing interesting content and then marketing your site in a way that will get you the maximum number of visitors (and therefore buyers).

And I was surprised at just how well it does this…

It’s the most comprehensive and easy to understand internet marketing course that I’ve come across for the beginner and, even for someone like me who’s got many of their own sites already, I was amazed at how much new stuff was in there that I was able to use to improve my own business.

The Beginner To Profit System explains everything in a clear, concise and informative way and leaves nothing out. And I mean NOTHING. To say it’s comprehensive is an understatement, and if setting up an online business is completely new to you, this course will tell you EVERYTHING you need to know to get yourself up and running quickly.

And it does it in a way that means that even if you have only the most basic computer knowledge (if you can surf the net, copy and paste and use a program like Microsoft Word for example), then you’ll be able to get your first website up and running and producing profits with no problems at all.

All you need to be able to do is copy what you’re being shown.

Now, there’s another interesting point here that I should mention too. A couple of months after I bought my copy of the Beginner To Profit System, I was at an internet marketing event on the outskirts of London and bumped into both Neil Travers and Neil Stafford, the writers of this product… And we got talking, not about the Beginner To Profit System but about internet marketing in general.

And believe me, these guys really know their stuff. And I mean REALLY know their stuff!

It turns out they’ve been making money online since 1998 and of course, that means they have a huge amount of hands on experience. But they’re also a couple of really genuine, helpful and knowledgeable people that immediately made me feel at ease.
They weren’t trying to promote themselves in any way, they just took a genuine interest in my business and how I started out.

And in a world where most of their contemporaries are just out to sell you something, I found that to be a real breath of fresh air.

So what about the downsides?

I mentioned earlier that the Beginner To Profit System wasn’t perfect, didn’t I?…

The modules are produced only in video format (apart from the detailed website set-up information). Now, if you’re like me, you’ll want a written manual that you can scribble all over. Somewhere where you can make notes as you go along and you won’t get that luxury with the Beginner To Profit System, I’m afraid.

That doesn’t mean you can’t make notes on a separate pad of course, but it’s not going to be everyone’s cup of tea for that reason.
Having said that, the videos are very detailed and are a “look-over-my-shoulder-and-copy-exactly-what-I’m-doing” sort of format that you can replay as many times as you want. So any bit you’re not clear about can be viewed over and over again until you’re 100% happy.

And of course on a positive note, the video format means you can see exactly how to do each step and then just copy it, rather than relying on the written word alone.

So would I be happy recommending the Beginner To Profit System to you if you’re just starting out in internet marketing and don’t know what to do and how to do it?…

Yes, I think I would. In fact I’m sure I would. It’s a great product, full of powerful and up to date information that explains everything you need to do to get yourself up and running and making money online in a detailed, step-by-step manner. Nothing’s been left out and if you can follow simple ‘A-B-C’ style instructions, then you will succeed, I’m confident of that.

And it also comes with a full 60 day money-back guarantee as well, so you can test it out for yourself and see if it’s the right thing for you, completely risk-free.

Internet Marketing Advice


Internet Marketing Advice:

Online business advice comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Many of the so-called ‘Gurus’ have the latest gimmick or method of tricking the search engines into giving you a higher ranking, but let me tell you… as soon as Google spots these tricks, they’ll close the loophole and you’ll be back to square one again. Tread carefully in other words.

The best internet marketing advice I can give you is to avoid these latest ‘fads’ and ‘tricks’ and stick with the methods that have been proven to work year after year, and will stand a much greater chance of continuing to work well in the future too.

The short video below talks about one of the most basic misconceptions that some of these ‘Gurus’ peddle, and that’s the story that you can make a lot of money in your online businesswithout having to put in a lot of work. Listen, if it really were that simple, everyone and I meanEVERYONE would be jumping on the bandwagon, right?

Of course they would!

You must accept that no matter what anyone else may tell you, starting your own internet marketing business requires just as much commitment and hard work as starting any other kind of business does. It’s no simpler because it’s online. The only BIG difference is that you will be able to access a much larger international marketplace than you will be able to do in most traditional ‘Bricks and Mortar’ style businesses, and that’s where your online business will really start to pay dividends.

But you’ve got to put in the work upfront in order to reach that stage, I’m afraid.

Now, consistency… the regularity with which you do the necessary work to establish your online business, is particularly important to your long-term success. Just do the simple maths here – If you do one thing each day to grow your online business, a year from now you’ll have 365 new avenues out there, all driving traffic to your website. Easy, right?

Just one thing a day is all it takes. And it’s one of those tried and tested proven methods that works all the time… and will carry on doing so, I promise. That’s one of the best bits of internet marketing advice I’m able to give you if you’re just starting out online.

Now consistency is the key here. Don’t do 10 things all at once and then nothing for a couple of weeks. You’ll find it much easier to motivate yourself if you adopt the principle of ‘Little and Often’ than you will if you attack it in spurts.

This short video chats about some of these key issues and offers you some general internet marketing advice that should help get you established on the road to making regular long-term profits online. I hope you enjoy it: